5 Virtual Clean Up Tips for Bloggers

As the end of the year nears and I happily creep on some of my favorite bloggers, I've come to realize that many of us have a lot of changes going on! With this said, a lot of my favorite websites have missing or dead links, incorrect social media links, or even missing pictures. Here is my personal End of the Year Blogger Clean Up Checklist, I hope this helps!

Lets start with our most precious tool, the computer:

1. Clean up Bookmarks/Favorites

Lees Garcia Bookmark Page

This is my Bookmark Manager

If you are interested in seeing what is in my bookmarks, feel free to comment below "Show me your Bookmarks!" and I will make a post about it!

2. Email Subscriptions


At the end of the year I go through the tedious task of cleaning out my e-mail subscriptions. This actually used to takes me days, manually cleaning out my entire inbox and getting ready to start the year fresh so I am only getting what I want/need from my electronic mail. I use unroll.me now, an automated free service that shows you what subscriptions you have active in your inbox, and then unsubscribes you with one click. 

3. Google Calendar/Planner

Here's a live view of my calendar, I add not only events, but daily tasks as well to keep up with blogging. I prefer Calendar because it notifies me via Google Calendar App on my phone and computer. 

4. Social Media Websites
Make Sure your Contact Information is up to date as well as your privacy settings. But most importantly, make sure your social media is connected to the correct socials and none of your links are broken. I try to make sure my profile pictures are all synced as well and looking coherent. This year I want to nurture and grow my twitter, so I made sure everything was linking to it. 

5. Blog: For 2018 I wanted to go in a new direction and start my blog over, but in past years here are some vitals I've gone through to ensure everything was running smoothly. Want to creep on my old blog? Head over to The Glossy Grape

Make sure your unused images are cleaned up, delete if necessary.

Check old posts to make sure your links are all working or any promos/giveaways are closed

Check your contact form and all your social media links to make sure everything is working