Creating The Best Blog Content Every Time!

Creating The Best blog Content Every Time!

How to Create the Best Blog Content

Sometimes blogging can come with a serious case of writers block. This is exactly the feeling I get when I blog sometimes. If you're new to the site, My name is Lees, and I'm the creator of Influencer Elite Facebook Group, where inexperienced and seasoned bloggers can unite to help increase their engagement. I started this blog to not only share what I know about blogging, but to help others with tools I have found useful during my blogging journey. 

This post is for all you bloggers out there who occasionally suffer from writers block or just feel like groundhog day is right around the corner. This post will help you get out of that rut and put out your BEST content every time!

Some links on this blog, page, or post are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase via my link I do get commission at no cost to you. I share only links I use and believe in and this is what helps my blog to continuously provide content for you free of charge. 


Creating and scheduling your content


Scheduling your content will be saving you quite the headache in the long run. Think about what you want to write about and how often, then figure out what days you will commit to blogging, posting, or creating content. Once you've figured out what your content schedule is, be discipled and stick to it, the easiest way for me to do so is by having a planner. This is my planner.

Usually I plan by content weekly, and I decide on Mondays what I will write about, then I plan my content from there depending on what brands have contacted me to collaborate. Some people find it easier to plan a month ahead, but I find I change plans too often if I do so too far ahead. Try to stick to the same day of the week in order for your content to have time to develop throughout the week as you share it and promote it. 

  • Here is just a quick example of a Monday as a Content Creator.

10:00am to 1:00pm – Find My Topic, Take pictures accordingly, research for my write up, create the layout and write up my post 

1:00pm-2:00pm- create all media associate with the post. (This may take longer if necessary) 
Media Includes: Blog Sharing Images for Pinterest, Instagram Story Media, Instagram Post, Facebook Post, Editing Images on the Blog post and Twitter Caption

2:00pm - Try to eat, share my blog post on all social media, this includes finding the right hashtags to use, linking all resources correctly (affiliate links) and going into pods and engagement groups to share my post and rev up blog visits.

I usually end my blogging day solidly at 3pm on average.

track your engagement and set goals for the upcoming week

Once the content is created and posted, goals will help you figure out if you are on the rise or decline with any trends. For me, engagement is the most important factor, for you it could be monetary goals, posting goals, or content creation goals. 

Here are some of my monday goals

  • Get 10 comments on the post
  • Share and promote the blog post every morning of the current week
  • Continue to promote the current posts in engagement pods and groups that may be interested in the content.
  • Update my Instagram story on Wednesday and Friday to remind users to subscribe and click the post and any freebies or giveaways available. 

Set your goals and track them! This is so important for you to grow and know what success is for your content.

who is your audience and how are you providing value?

We all love to blog because of different reasons. I used to think that my blog was only for me, so I never really thought about my audience and what they wanted. Soon I started researching and finding that some posts were getting more engagement and likes, this is when I realized that my audience was telling me something, they were telling me what they liked! Turning a blog into a full time job is possible, but you have to think about what they want. Ask their opinion at the end of your post, ask for a call of action, and create polls to find out what they want the most!

techniques i use to create content that my followers want:

  • Instagram stories! Polls, polls, polls! You can ask your audience if they'd like to see a type of content, ask them questions about everything!
  • Twitter and Facebook Group Polls! These work great because it gets people engaged as well
  • You can also ask your audience at the end of your post, “What would you like to read from me next?” and see if any of your readers responds!

stay ontop of the trends

If you're suffering from writers block, there's nothing wrong with doing a little research to find inspiration! Google Adwords Keyword Planner is my absolute savior. Google Trends is also an excellent tool to find what is trending in your niche, and what people are looking for in almost live time!

If you are keeping tabs on your followers engagement and interest, you'll also find they will be attracted to a certain post or content. This is a great opportunity to update your post with current links, related content, or any new affiliate links you may have. Adding fresh content to older popular posts will help your follower journey and will keep them engaged and interested for a longer period of time. 

Check your work

Always proofread your work before publishing your content! I usually read it out loud or ask someone to read it for me just to have a set of fresh eyes. Grammarly is also an excellent tool and I recommend everyone to have this installed. It will be your life saver! If someone is reading through your post and they don't understand it, they will very likely keep moving on and not go through the trouble of continuing to read your content. You should be the expert! Make sure you are writing as one. 


How many times do we pick TV Shows based on their name? Or even go searching on Google and pick the name that attracts us the most for an article? Creating a name is vital to getting attention drawn to your content. What makes you want to click and how can you create content that makes others want to click through as well? Here are a few examples of Blog Titles that are essentially the same, but evoke different reactions:

Which are you more likely to click into?

  • Skincare Tips OR 5 Skincare Tips that Will make you look 10 years younger!
  • Write Better Blog posts OR The Secret to Creating the Best Blog Content
  • How to Make Money Blogging  OR What I did to Make My First $1,000 By Blogging
  • Holiday Gift Guide OR The Ultimate List of the Best Holiday Gifts for Mom

I usually do not write my blog title until AFTER I've written my post. I found that previously, if I wrote my blog title first I would end up being a "slave" to the title and try to create content around that. Now I create the content with an inspiration and then title it appropriately. Make sure your title is not click bait! Google penalizes for blog bounce rate and will rank you lower on their search engine if you do this. Find captivating titles that still promise what the title says.  

your layout is just as important

Always use your blog tools!! There are different header sizes, many stock images available, and create lists on your post in order for readers to stay engaged. By writing one long paragraph without headers, some readers are not able to skim through the blog, causing them to leave your page and not read your post at all. Make your posts look attractive and easy to read. They can be lengthy, but ensure there are still breaks in between by using imagery or different fonts that break up your text. 

As you create this content and find your style, you will also find your voice. I realized a long time ago that I write how I speak, and that contains A LOT of passive voice sentences, but this is how I express myself, and although my english teacher would be disappointed, I feel like I can express myself to my readers in a more sincere way.  Once you find your voice, you'll feel more comfortable blogging and expressing yourself, and your readers will get to know you through your content. 


When I started blogging I had no idea what SEO was or how to make the best of it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is what helps search engines find you and categorize you appropriately.  Please take the time to research SEO, watch Youtube Videos, read articles, everything. SEO is what will help you get discovered naturally, and by using it appropriately your Google ranking will improve and you will get seen more. Think of it as your Instagram hashtag for your site, and if you use it properly, other people will find you! If you have Wordpress, download the YOAST SEO plugin to help guide you, this plugin is great for beginners and experts to start understanding how to use SEO properly and get discovered!

I hope you enjoyed all the tips I had for putting out your best content every time! Please let me know in the comments if there are any tips you do that always work for you!