Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Game!
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Let us rejoice! The days of updating our Instagram Bio every time we post or trying to decide what link takes precedence are officially over! I can also finally say: "there's an app for that" and nobody can judge me. In fact, there is not an app for that, but there is a site that is about to change your Instagram game forever. Enter Linktree, the newest Instagram Marketing tool made to enhance your link in bio and show the world your entire portfolio. 

 Check out mine here:  https://linktr.ee/lees.garcia

Check out mine here: https://linktr.ee/lees.garcia

Once you click on my link, you will be taken to my personal Linktree page where you can click on multiple links. My links include my Blog post "How to Start a Blog," links to join my Facebook Engagement Groups, and a link to my Youtube channel. 

I chose these links because they are ways for my followers to engage with me and see my written and video content, and by clicking each button they will be redirected automatically. 



The best part about Linktree is, its FREE! 
Users can sign up for free and unlimited links, click tracking, and themes.
With the Pro Version ($6/month) Linktree provides additional themes, branding, analytics, reports, customization, scheduling, and synching Google analytics and Facebook Pixels among other things. 

How do you sign up with Linktree?

  • You will sign up with your Instagram account at linktr.ee once you sign up you will be taken to your new Linktree home page where you can now add new button/link.
  • Click on the +Add New Button/Link and you will see a new box blank box appear under the words “my links”
  • Click in the Title section and add the title you want to show on your Linktree page
  • Copy the URL that will be linked to the button and paste it into the URL section below the title.
  • Once you are ready to make your button active use the little slider after the title and move it to show green. Your link is now live on your Linktree page.

Now that you’ve created all the links you want for your Linktree page you go back to the top to where it says “My Bio-Link” and then copy and paste this new link into your Instagram Bio. Easy as pie! 

 Haven't seen my Instagram? Visit here! http://www.instagram.com/lees.garcia

Haven't seen my Instagram? Visit here! http://www.instagram.com/lees.garcia


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Spam your Linktree link in the comments! I'd love to see your creations!