Ultimate Octoly Guide to Receiving Free Products as an Influencer

If you haven't heard, Octoly is a platform that allows influencers to connect with brands and try products free of charge. by featuring a "free store" where influencers can shop products by using credits on their account. Each influencer starts with 5 credits to shop and when products are approved the credit is deducted, once they are reviewed the credit is re-applied. 

This guide will help you discover whether using Octoly is right for you and how to maximize your posts and technique on Octoly in order to get the best results!

Octoly is gaining popularity by providing new and upcoming products completely free of charge to their users in exchange for honest and authentic opinions. If approved by the brand, the item will ship, and the influencer publishes a review to receive more credits and purchase more free items. 

How do you sign up? 

Visit Octoly.com or download the Octoly app and join, once you have submitted your information, Octoly may take up to a week to notify each user of their admittance to the platform. Influencers may link their Instagram and/or Youtube platform, but there are minimum requirements to get accepted by Octoly. 

For YouTube

  • 1,000 subscribers 
  • Must be active and produce regular videos on your channel
  • Your account must be beauty, fashion & lifestyle focused
  • Your videos must have good visibility - at least 1,000 views per video after 30 days
  • Relevant, high-quality content

For Instagram

  • 5,000 followers (France, US, and Germany) 
  • Must be active and post regularly - 5+ posts per week
  • Your account must be beauty, fashion & lifestyle focused (and you should already have similar reviews!)
  • All posts are your own original content 
  • Public account
  • Consistent and relevant engagement ratio
  • Relevant, high-quality content

Influencers may choose to sign up using one account or both accounts as long as they meet the requirements above. 

How do you get accepted? 

Currently, it is up to Octoly to accept users. As long as you meet the minimum requirements for the accounts Octoly should accept influencers via email up to a week. To improve chances of getting accepted into Octoly, a referral will speed up the process. If you would like a referral, click here

I've been approved! Now what? 

There is such a thing as "smart shopping" on Octoly. Here are a few tips to increase your Octoly score in order to get Octopoints, which we will talk about in a bit. 

When you get approved, find 5 products that are specific to your niche. Try to do this the last week of the month in order for your products to arrive around the same time. Order all 5 products and wait 24 hours. The brand receives a message and they may accept or deny your request. If they decline your request, your credit gets returned back to you. As soon as the brand denies you, order a new product.  

If the brand accepts you, your order will change to "accepted" and the brand or Octoly will ship the order to you. Octoly will notify you when your order has shipped. When the order is received (which takes about 5-7 days) comes the fun part, you have 21 days on Instagram and 28 days on YouTube, to try the product and create an honest and authentic review and post it on Octoly

Try to do this on the day you receive the product, this is incredibly important because as soon as you post your review on Octoly your order will be considered as "Reviewed" and your credit will be given back for you to order something new, and this is how you will raise you Octoly points to become the top influencer on the platform. 

How do I Review a product and Maximize My Review?

You can use the platform that Octoly approved you for, be it Youtube, Instagram Stories, or Instagram Feed. In order to maximize your content and have a greater chance of being reposted by the brand. Here are a few steps to follow BEFORE creating your content. 

  1. Follow the Brand's Account and look at their theme. (Are they re-posting videos of influencers? Are they posting flat-lays, what is their color scheme?) This will give you a better chance of being reposted.
  2. Check the Instagram Hashtag for the product that you are reviewing. (Creep on other influencers and see their work, then look for what you consider to be the best content, and create something to top that) 
  3. Go on Octoly and check on the Brands Request/Guidelines. Your product page will have the brands instructions. (Sometimes the brand lets you do whatever you want, but most times the brands will list what they are looking for, what hashtags to use, what to tag, and what talking points to use. The best product page I have seen so far is from Skinny Mint Teatox. Here is a screenshot of their brand page: 


4. Make sure you have the best lighting and shoot images in RAW if you are using a professional camera and edit pictures professionally, do not over edit. (Some brands have bought my images to use for campaigns! ex. Evian

5. Always use the tag #octolyfamily and #gotitfree or #ad. The hashtag #octolyfamily will keep track of your reviews and put you in the running for the Octoly points. #gotitfree or #ad as well as #sponsored or anything similar ensure you are following FTC guidelines which ensure you are promoting a product correctly and don't get in trouble. Octoly will not count your review as a compliant review if you do not do this!!

6. TAG the brand and use the brands hashtags! Once you review a product on your feed, add a little pizzaz by adding the post to your story with a "swipe up to shop" option (only available to business Instagram accounts as of March 2018) and add this to your highlights for the specific niche, while linking to your Octoly store or an affiliate link. Here is my Octoly store for all the products I have reviewed. 

7. After reviewing the product, if you swear by it, message the brand via Octoly and ask them if they would like to collaborate with you regarding a giveaway for your followers (all brands have said yes to me so far!) this will add value to your review posts and keep your followers engaged as well as build a rapport with the brand before you finish your work with them. (Some brands have reached out to me AGAIN to work together!!)

Octoly Points, What are they and How do They work? 

Octoly rewards influencers with Octopoints, which may be exchanged for Amazon or Sephora Gift vouchers. Each Octopoint is worth $1 usd and to earn them, each review must be live for at least 30 days and with the hashtag #Octolyfamily. (Make sure you use this hashtag BEFORE you submit your review or Octoly may not pick it up) 

You can also earn Octopoints by inviting friends or brands to join Octoly via a referral system in your Account.

The easiest way to earn Octopoints is by publishing your link on all your social media and referring friends or: 

  • Invite beauty brands that you love! 
  • Your reviews earn you Octopoints! When you post a compliant review, it will automatically be integrated on our monthly ranking. The number of likes & views you get and the number of reviews you post are taken into account as well. 

The higher the number of compliant reviews you post, the higher you get in the monthly ranking. If you reach the Top 20 of the ranking, you may earn up to 1,600 Octopoints each month.

Because Octopoints works as a monthly ranking system, this is why it is important to place your first order towards the end of the month. By doing this, you will start your reviews on the first week of the month and keep your credits rolling. This is the best use of time and the most efficient way to get to a top position by month end. 


 I haven't signed up for Octoly, is it Worth it?


  • For beginning influencers:

I have personally reviewed products for Octoly every month since being signed up. Octoly is a great platform for beginning influencers to obtain free items to review and practice their photography skills. If you are a micro influencer with a minimum of 5,000 followers on Instagram or 1,000 followers on Youtube, I highly recommend Octoly. This platform facilitates contact with brands and works with influencers to facilitate brand approval to receive products. Influencers have a chance to promote products they love and to create content as well promote sales via their link, which as of right now is not on a reward or referral system. 

I highly recommended to visit the brand's website after receiving the product and applying for their affiliate program in order to receive a commission for any sales. 

  • For established influencers, Octoly is good if:

For advanced influencers with over 20,000 followers on each platform, Octoly is fun to receive new products once in a while, but as a long time influencer, I do not personally recommend ordering all products on Octoly all the time unless you are shooting to get Octopoints (which turns into cash credit). Reason being, not all products have an affiliate option and each post given to Octoly is a free post, in which case if an influencer is already established it is almost wasteful to do free posts via Octoly.


  • Use Octoly if:

  • You need filler or starter content
  • You actually want something from the store you'd be willing to endorse for free
  • If the brands have an affiliate program to maximize your profits
  • You would like to earn cash rewards via Octopoints


If you enjoyed reading through this content and have an interest in signing up for Octoly, please feel free to use my referral link to credit me for this post and show some love <3.