Hello hello! 

If you're here it's probably because like me about a month ago, you are looking for yoga results!

What the heck does yoga actually do to your body, and does it actually transform It? 

I kept searching the internet for answers, and all I found were some really crazy looking before and after pictures. By crazy, I mean it looked like Yoga had blessed these people with some abs, amazing figure, and lean muscle in a matter of weeks. I'm sure doing any type of exercise combined with a lean diet will get you where you want to go, but what does yoga actually do to your body when you don't actually diet & exercise and do just yoga it consistently?

Lets find out...

So here's my starting point... 
I have pretty much no knowledge of yoga besides saying "OHM" a couple of times and looking fancy in a sitting pose. My diet consists of a daily fruit and veggie smoothie served by GreenBlender. To find out more about Greenblender, feel free to watch my review on Youtube here. (I am an actual customer!!)    Some cuban food, regular bread/carb intake and regular meat intake. I barely eat any red meat and no pork. This is my body before:


Before Yoga

This photo was taken after my early morning breakfast. I had actually gone to a music festival where I sat in a pile of fire ants. Lo-and behold, my very, very bitten up legs. In this post I am not sucking my stomach in or even straightening my spine. I am just completely relaxed and ready for my first yoga class.

Fun Fact: This photo was actually taken before I tried KYBELLA, the non invasive under chin slimming procedure! 

IMG_2916 2.jpg

After One Month of Yoga

This picture was taken at the same time of day, having eaten my first meal of the day with the same outfit. At this point I have taken 23 classes of yoga in one month. 

How amazing is it to see the yoga AND kybella results? Both seemed to be working! 

In conclusion!

I decided yoga is really for me and have become a new fan and future yogi! The classes I took were a combination of Bikram and Barkan in a hot setting between 90-103 degrees Fahrenheit for a mixture of 60 to 75 minutes. Some classes were Yin classes and some were restorative. What do you think of these results? Does this make you want to try yoga? 

Let me know in the comments below!