International Women's Day


Hello ladies! If you have landed at this page you have been approved to be part of the collaboration for March 8th, 2018 International Women's Day!!

What are we doing? 

The collaboration involves a Shout out for Shout out on Each persons Instagram story, this is to encourage other users to follow women we think are amazing on Social Media. Each person has been hand picked for quality Instagram content and it is to begin growing a community of good faith to increase engagement. 

How are we doing it?

On March 8th we will shout out these accounts for 24 hours, please do NOT > Do one post and tag all the girls (This is lazy!) Please DO>  stylize your posts and either screenshot each persons account or use your favorite photo from their account. Any other creative, thoughtful ways are encouraged! 

Users have been divided by groups, if you cannot participate for any reason or fail to participate after the collaboration has ended, you will be banned from any other collaborations. We hope to work with each and everyone of you again. Admin @lees.garcia will shout out every single account, shouting her out is optional but welcomed <3 (I appreciate it!!)

Please SAVE your stories and send them to in order for us to repost on the @influencerelite instagram and a chance to be featured! This is the reason we are starting collabs, to create brand awareness and want to help everyone grow as a community <3

Please comment your Instagram handle in the group chat to confirm your participation! 


Group 1 - 0-5K followers - 
Shoutout Leader @Lees.Garcia
@themommyspice 2700 Followers - Foodie/Mommy  (Completed)
@missjessikadiane 1300 followers - Motivation (Completed)
@drparulcial 1600 followers - Lifestyle (Completed)
@dearsarabia 2500 followers - lifestyle
@mamawearsmakeup 1700 followers - Beauty (Completed)
@katerineaaa 700 followers - travel (Completed)
@jrgmakeup 600 followers - makeup (Completed)
@easyfications 2300 followers - travel (Completed)

Group 2 5K- and up Followers
Shoutout Leader @Lees.Garcia
@efrank3 10K followers - Lifestyle (Completed)
@merylinnau 37000 followers - fashion (Completed)
@rachelalmanza 36000 followers - Lifestyle (Completed)
@miss.shai 10000 followers - Lifestyle (Completed)
@cheapcourage 4000 followers -Lifestyle (Completed)

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