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Styled Series: The Kennedy Lace Romper

As some of you know, I am now proud of the fact that my wardrobe got a full overhaul, and I was able to donate almost all of my clothes and keep 33 pieces to mix and match for the season. 
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Since I'm no longer shopping for new pieces that aren't totally necessary, I've found a new love: Rent the Runway. I love Rent the Runway because for $160 dollars a month, I can mix and match my clothes unlimited times (realistically, more like 8 times) and always have something new to wear! Now some of you may be thinking, wow, $160 dollars a month is a lot of money. I thought the same thing until I started calculating how much money I was spending on clothes here and there throughout the month! 

A new Tory Burch Bag can cost me about $300-$500 dollars, and with Rent the Runway, I can always have the newest bag (and more, plus higher end designers) for half of that, and that is well worth it for me. 

Anyways, I decided to bring on a series I've been wanting to do for a long time! The Styled Series, where I show you what I got for the month and how to style it all the way from High End items, to budget Amazon buys. 

Lees Garcia BB Dakota Romper

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The Kennedy Lace Romper

BB Dakota

High End Styling


Under $150 Styling


Budget Buys Styling


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