Spring in California

Hey everyone! As you may have seen on the Insta, a couple of great things happened while I was on my trip to California: *drum roll* 


My All White Feed Changed to Color!!

A short tidbit about me, I actually really enjoy having everything white. My house is white, my site is white, my Instagram is white! I have an obsession with marble and clean lines, and for a long time, I would have nothing less on my Instagram. (Honestly, it took everything I had to even start putting my boyfriend on my feed because it interrupted my theme. Not all white, can you say eek). I Archived some photos later because I couldn't stand the color interruption, tbh

But in California, something short of an Instagram miracle happened and I decided to update my feed with color! Here are some pictures of my trip; I had so much fun. They are not all very detailed, but the highlights of my trip are below, get ready for Spring in Cali! 

Los Angeles, California

Click the Pictures for Descriptive Details!

Newport Beach, California

Quick pit stop at Commonthread Collective Marketing Agency for a day of work. Bae Looking awesome next to the PetSocks Sign. If you're interested in getting some socks with your dog on them, head over to  Pupsocks, that's him!

Zach Zelner at Commonthread Collective

San Francisco, California

A Day At Opus One Winery and The Getty

Spoted Hollywood Stars 

 The Getty in California making Zach polish his photography skills

The Getty in California making Zach polish his photography skills

Thanks for joining me on my California journey! I had tons of fun while I was there. If you're interested in seeing more pictures of my trip, check out My Instagram Here

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